Thursday, 5 December 2013

♥ Look what my Mum made ... :) ♥

Look at the most beautiful arrangement my Mum made :) This is her very first one ever and you should see it in real life it is outstanding!!!  I quickly captured a picture of it on my blackberry phone as it is for my Grandmother & Grandfathers grave for Christmas.
Mum started her arrangement by soaking an oasis overnight, she then added some foliage that my neighbour gave her including beautiful holly and berries.
Mum's next step was adding in faux poinsettia which she sprayed with silver paint and a few gold acorns {you can see if you zoom in the photo} My Mum loves flowers and always said to me she would love to do flower arranging, so I encouraged her and she did it!! ;) and she found it so relaxing and calming.
She had her basket with handle all sprayed with gold paint and I am very proud of her and I shall continue to encourage her ... WELL DONE MUM!! ♥♥


Karen M said...

Obviously creativity runs in the family, Marlou! This floral arrangement is so beautiful...well done indeed to your mum! I don't think I could ever do flower arranging and I really admire anyone who can and get such a perfect balance!
Just you take it easy and try to get well again in time for Christmas!
Love Karen x

pattyo said...

Very pretty!

Gibmiss said...

Hi Marlou
This is Fabulous... Well done to your Mum..... Gorgeous....
Hugs Sylvie xx

Debbie said...

Gorgeous arrangement!! Your mother did a wonderful job!!

Sasha said...

Your mum"s floral arrangement looks beautiful, Marlou.

Hope you're okay xx