Saturday, 28 September 2013

♥ A little update ♥

I'm just popping in to say "hello" and just to let you all know I took another set back in my health :(  I am in an awful lot of pain and I am physically not able to make a card which is extremely frustrating, especially as I love to start making my Christmas cards around this time of year.
I just have to take one day at a time and my hands are so so sore I can't describe the pain :(
My speech is great most of the time but mid sentence it's like someone presses a pause button in the brain (",) extremely complex.
All I can say is I miss having my full health and I know I will get there and I so miss my crafting, I feel so teary as I write this post.
I have an amazing and very supportive husband :) and of course my faith in The Lord, so I am blessed and I will get better, I just have to give myself time and baby steps ...

Thanks for popping by as I love to read
your comments and lovely emails, they really
cheer me up ♥