Wednesday, 10 October 2012

♥ Hope endures ♥

Hi everyone :)  I managed just there now to get my card finished for our Hope Endures
As you all know I suffer with a few health issues ... one of them being quite a severe form of Fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with last year after years of suffering.
95% of my life is in chronic nerve pain which nothing can be done for :(  It affects every part of my body and my day to day life.  I grab any spare moment I can to craft, I'm at my happiest when I'm creating, even when in pain.  I don't want to go on and depress everyone with all the lows of this disorder, just want to remember everyone who suffers from this debilitating illness.  We don't look ill ... it's often described as the "invisible" or "forgotten illness".
Purple also is for Alzheimer's disease, which I personally think is cruel and I really cant put into words how terrible this is :(  My husband lost his Grandfather to this cruel disease and I just trust and Pray that there will be more research put into curing this disease and help for their loved ones who have to watch them suffer :(

Thanks for taking time to read my post and know that if you suffer from Fibromyalgia you may have found some comfort in reading this.

Love Marlou  ♥


Deb said...

this is so beautiful Marlou and a great cause to bring attention to! HOpe you are feeling better!

Mandy said...

Marlou, your card is so pretty and I love the colour.


Stephanie said...

I had no idea Marlou - what a brave woman you are & thank you for sharing your stories with us. Your card is wonderful, I love the design & such a great cause too. You take care lovely lady xxx

pattyo said...

I hope your days improve. You still manage to create pretty cards even with your pain.

Sasha said...

Your card is gorgeous, Marlou...and so perfect for the cause. Hope you feel better today! x

Beth said...

Beautiful card Marlou and so sorry you have that awful disease praying they find some relief and help for you.

Vicki said...

Love your story Marlou. I cannot imagine how you manage with chronic pain every day. Thank you for sharing!

Audrey Pettit said...

Your card is absolutely beautiful, Marlou! Love the layered, stitching die cuts and the gems on the purple ribbon. Really love the circular sentiment, too. I'm so glad that you can manage a bit of craft time here and there. Wish it was more! (hugs)

Debbie said...

This card is beautiful!!
I know it won't take the pain away, but I hope knowing that we are praying for you is an encouragement!!

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous card Marlou and thank you for sharing your post with us. Fibromyalgia is a difficult condition and although i don't have it I have nerve pain in my ankle, and will do for the rest of my life so I know a (very) little of how you feel. Hope is a great thing, we all need it xx

Jennipher said...

This is definitely beautiful and touches me in more ways than one. Thanks for working through the pain to create awareness.

Diane said... sorry I was out of pocket and gone from my computer for so long. Your card is stunning...such a gorgeous layout for showcasing the image. I know you were in pain even as you created this so the post is so much more touching and meaningful because of that. You did an exceptional job, and I pray that your pain is letting up some. You are such a strong witness to the grace and mercy of God. May your week be blessed.