Wednesday, 1 August 2012


EDITED TO ADD:  Got it sorted ..... Yaaay!!!! ;)

I have recently had someone trying to hack my blog :(  resulting in google temporarily removing my blog.  I got it sorted and now im gettting words double underlined in my blog posts and if you click on them they are pop up adds (don't click)  and even when im on ebay or anyother websites :(  It's frustrating!!!
Is anyone else experiencing these problems??  Can you all see the double underlined words appearing throughout my blog?
Any advise would be so helpful

Marlou :)


Mandy said...

Hi Marlou,

Can't see any words double underlined when I viewing your blog.


goodmoments said...

Everything is ok!, I can't see the double underlined words.

Elettrarossa said...

Idem, I can't see them. Hope it helps!