Wednesday, 4 July 2012

♥ Bonny in Pink ♥

I made "Pink" bonny the bunny a few days before I took ill, I thought I would post her to show you her in pink :)  its a present for my cousin's little one :)
Hope you all have a lovely day, weather is very humid here and I don't find it a bit comfortable (",)
I am definitely a winter person ... LOL :)

Marlou ♥


Sasha said...

She's very sweet, Marlou. I love the tiny felt flower on her head. The little one will treasure her...I'm sure x

Mandy said...

Bonny looks fabulous in pink Marlou !


goodmoments said...

lovely present for the little one!:))
Bonny is so cute:)))

pattyo said...

This is so sweet, Marlou! I, too, am a winter person. We're having a stretch of very hot, humid weather too.

Audrey Pettit said...

Such a sweet little pink bunny! I just adore stitched treasures like this!
Sorry to hear your weather has been so unpleasant. Humidity is so hard to take. I can take some heat, but humidity is something else altogether.

Diane said...

Such a sweet wee bunny Marlou. A real treasure. You are so clever.

Eileen said...

Love your little bunny, very cute.
Hope your feeling a bit better.

Vicky said...

So sweet in pink!! Love Vicky xxx