Friday, 27 July 2012

♥ Plushie felt owl ♥

Hi :) ... I made this little cutie a couple of weeks ago over a period of a few days working at it little by little and finally finished it :)  Another achievement for me :)  Just thought I would post it to let you all know im trying hard

Have a blessed weekend
Marlou ♥

Sunday, 22 July 2012

♥ A passion for Papertrey ~ Anything goes ♥

I keep forgetting about A Passion for Papertrey's challenges until I was over at Mandy's blog :)
So the theme is "Anything goes"
I made these tags today using a punch and Papertrey kraft cardstock, also the Scripture is from their Christian set ... Everyday blessings  (which I love)
Off to link it up :)
Sorry haven't been around much, but you all know my illness at present and im experiencing terrible difficulties.  It took me ages making these tags as I drop thinks very easilly and even dropped the punch (",) thank goodness I didn't hurt myself as it is the big 3" punch (",)

Marlou xxx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

♥ Bonny in Pink ♥

I made "Pink" bonny the bunny a few days before I took ill, I thought I would post her to show you her in pink :)  its a present for my cousin's little one :)
Hope you all have a lovely day, weather is very humid here and I don't find it a bit comfortable (",)
I am definitely a winter person ... LOL :)

Marlou ♥

Monday, 2 July 2012

Yes ... I have been in hospital "again"

Hi there,  I have been in "hospital" again for the past 5 days :( 
I am exhausted, that's the 4th time in 13 weeks being rushed in by ambulance and
I really hope I wont have to see a hospital again :(
With this "Functional disorder" you take episodes which are identical to a stroke with no actual evidence of a stroke, but all of the symptoms are real, caused by blocked signals from brain to nervous system.  This happened again last thursday afternoon, they are very scary experiences.
I am now awaiting an MRI of my brain to totally confirm that there is no underlying disease.
If anyone wants to read about it here is a link ...
as its toooooooo long to blog about.

Happy to be home ♥
Marlou :) ♥