Friday, 27 April 2012

♥ I got featured again :) ♥

I got featured again by another lovely girl from Northern Ireland :)
If you would like to read all about it and a little interview I gave, why not
pop over and have a look and leave a wee comment as there is a one of my little handbag charms to win  as a little giveaway.  If you click on the link and leave a
comment on this lovely site ..... Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Still resting up :)
Marlou ♥♥


Sasha said...

Hi Marlou, hope you're feeling much better. I visited the shop, read your interview and left a comment. Have a lovely weekend! xx

Michelle said...

Congratulations on being featured again Marlou, I hope you are feeling a little better. Sending get well blessings your way xx

danni reid. said...

been thinking about you and hope you're feeling better, glad to hear you're resting♥

Deb said...

woohoo! huge congratulations Marlou, you deserve it! hope you are feeling better and have a fantastic weekend!

Michelle said...

What an honor to be featured! A Blessing from the LORD : ) and Gracie is adorable!!!

Michelle said...

How wonderful to be featured!
A Blessing from
the LORD :)
Gracie is adorable!!
God's Blessings to you,