Saturday, 23 January 2010

♥ Can anyone help!!!!!! ♥

Sorry for my lack of blogging, its been a long time.
Well im totally fed up with troublesome comments left for me via my email :(
soooooo disgusted they are horrible filth!!!!! I immediately trash them and someone is
using my email address and sending weird links to people I know, please delete these if you receive any and if you can please let me know.
Dont know when I can blog as on a brighter note...... we are moving!!!!!! yaaaaah :) from a 2 bedroom flat to a 3 bedroomed house and my new craft room is double the size of my current one, so im sooooooo delighted as is my husband.
Please keep a check in on me and I was so angry with all this email stuff I was very close to closing down my blog :( but hopefully it wont come to that if I can get this sorted.

huge hugzz xx